Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who arranges the Planning and Approval Process?

We handle 100% of the process of planning and building your granny flat, saving you time and money.

  • Do You Supply the Granny Flat in Kit Form?

No, all of our granny flats are brick built on top of a concrete slab and we do not supply any of our Granny Flats in kit form.

  • Can You Rent Out A Granny Flat To Non Family Members?

Yes, new legislation in WA means you can now rent the property to anyone and not just family members.

  • Do I Have To Use One of The Designs On Your Website?

Absolutely not, we can modify one of our floor plans to suit your requirements, or custom design a floor plan based on your requirements.

  • How Long Does Your Build Process Take?

Granny flat approval can take as little as 10 Days, construction of your granny flat can take as little as 6 weeks depending of your granny flat design and size. The Average time for the entire process beginning to end is generally 10-12 weeks – environmental factors permitting.

  • What Is The Maximum Allowable Size I Can Build My Granny Flat?

The current maximum size from 60 to 70sqm.

  • What sort of guarantee does a granny flat come with?

As with all new homes there is above to 6 years builder’s guarantee on all building works..

  • Do I Need a Building Certificate and Council Approvals?

Yes. To build any dwelling it is necessary to have a Building Permit and Councils vary in their policies regarding constructing a granny flat. If you are unsure what kind of questions to ask, we can complete the process for you.

  • What will my Granny Flat Look Like?

If you choose one of our designs then you are able to see how it will look, or we are able to provide artists impressions for you if you choose a bespoke design. The kitchen and bathroom can be as simplistic and cost effective as you choose, or more upmarket depending on your budget. The quality of the taps, kitchen bench top, shower and vanity etc are your personal touches to the home. Please see our inclusions page for a complete list.

  • Can you build a bespoke Granny Flat?

Yes, we will build exactly what you want and add in any special features you want on your project, all you have to do is ask us.


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